The bathroom is the place where our days start and finish.

When our day comes to an end it’s time to retreat and rejuvenate.

Carolina Classic Builders will create a bathroom design so you will be able to get away from it all and indulge yourself for a moment. Escape, comfort, spa, and luxury are a few words our designers think about when we remodel or add an additional bathroom to your home.

Create a bathroom that treats your body and soul.

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  • Wall Faucets
    Wall Faucets
  • Hidden Toilet Tank
    Hidden Toilet Tank
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Glass Shower Doors
  • Framed Mirrors
  • Chrome Fixtures
  • Shower Tile
  • Shower Floor Tile
  • Bathroom Vanity
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  • Think Pink
  • Guest Bath
  • Walk-in Shower
  • Copper Sink
  • Bathroom Retreat
  • Spa Shower
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  • Stand Alone Tub
  • Tilted Mirror
  • Simple Elegance
  • Modern Bath
  • Classic White Design
  • Cabinet Storage
  • Corner Shower
  • Tile Design