This Is Us – Our New Normal

This is Us – Our New Normal   We are all handling the “stay in place” ordinance in many different ways.   It’s time to embrace our new normal.  Some people are fully taking advantage of the time and others are still adjusting.  Like many of us, I’ve found time just to enjoy life.  I have…

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Form vs Function – Questions During Your Home Remodeling Project

Form Verses Function – During your Home Remodeling Project Everyday during a home remodel we run in to questions of “What looks best?” or “How would you use the space”?  Form verses Function. Unfortunately, there are many times during the remodeling project when form and function do not meet.  The way things should look or…

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What Exactly is “Design Build?”

What Exactly is “Design Build?”   Design Build is the new hot term for construction professionals.  What exactly is design build?  What makes it so different from other general contractors?  Should everyone do design build? These are all questions that are valid and first you need to understand what design/build means. Design Build simply means…

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Designer Verses Architect

Designer versus architect. What’s the difference? Ultimately, it’s what you need and what you expect to receive from either service. A designer may be the best choice for a customer who wants to be heavily involved in project. A designer will draw plans from your communications and then incorporate a few ideas of their own. Ideas…

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DESIGN – Are Formal Living and Dining Rooms a Thing of the Past?

Design My background from University of Florida helped me in both design and engineering.  While engineering has not changed much, design has drastically changed. If I were to say twenty years ago, “let’s build a home without a dining room or formal living room”, you would have thought I was crazy.  Now, all those formal living rooms…

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How Much Does a Home Remodel Cost?

How Much Will A Remodel Cost?

I’ve been in the remodeling and home building industry for many years and the question I can always count on being asked is, “How much does will it cost me to build a custom home or remodel.”  It’s a loaded question!  There is not an exact way to blindly answer.  So, I’ve started answering the…

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