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Designer Verses Architect

Designer versus architect. What’s the difference? Ultimately, it’s what you need and what you expect to receive from either service. A designer may be the best choice for a customer who wants to be heavily involved in project. A designer will draw plans from your communications and then incorporate a few ideas of their own. Ideas…

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DESIGN – Are Formal Living and Dining Rooms a Thing of the Past?

Design My background from University of Florida helped me in both design and engineering.  While engineering has not changed much, design has drastically changed. If I were to say twenty years ago, “let’s build a home without a dining room or formal living room”, you would have thought I was crazy.  Now, all those formal living rooms…

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How Much Does a Home Remodel Cost?

How Much Will A Remodel Cost?

I’ve been in the remodeling and home building industry for many years and the question I can always count on being asked is, “How much does will it cost me to build a custom home or remodel.”  It’s a loaded question!  There is not an exact way to blindly answer.  So, I’ve started answering the…

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