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Designer versus architect. What’s the difference?

Ultimately, it’s what you need and what you expect to receive from either service.


A designer may be the best choice for a customer who wants to be heavily involved in project.

A designer will draw plans from your communications and then incorporate a few ideas of their own. Ideas based on your personal styles and needs. Several construction details may be omitted from their plans. These missing details are left for the builder and you to decide upon.  The designer’s involvement in the construction process typically starts and ends after you approve the drawings and/or selections.

An architect is the best choice for a customer who needs a complete perspective and building plan.

An architect plan will include several pages of details gathered from your communications and meetings. To avoid any misinterpretations, architectural plans will provide every elevation of the project. Completed plans will provide all the building specifications, along with building codes.  For instance, plans will include foundations plans, floor plans, roofing specifications, electrical and plumbing specifications, etc.

Architect’s have the knowledge and expertise on the buildings projects they design.  They provide accurate details with precise drawings, in addition to their continued support. In other words, your architect is another member of your builder’s construction team.  They will visit the project sites during different stages of completion.  Above all, they will confirm construction and plan accuracy.

As a result, not only will you start the project with your architect.  You will also finish the project with your architect.

Because, all designers and architects will have vastly different options, opinions, and services. It’s not going to be a one size fits way of thinking.

Architects will be more expensive.  If you are comparing costs, you’ll need to remember you are not comparing apples to apples.  An Architect will bring several important attributes to your project that a Designer will not and cannot bring.

You will always need do your homework when deciding which service works best for you.  Be sure your styles and personalities are compatible.  Having someone who shares your vision is paramount.  This will make the world of difference in your overall project experience.

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