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Form Verses Function – During your Home Remodeling Project

Everyday during a home remodel we run in to questions of “What looks best?” or “How would you use the space”?  Form verses Function. Unfortunately, there are many times during the remodeling project when form and function do not meet.  The way things should look or do look in a magazine are not real life for most of us.

The two can work together or against each other.

Sometimes they even blend.

Photo Carolina Classic Builders

Form and Function combined together during this complete Kitchen Remodel. –Carolina Classic Builders

In the case of formal living rooms.  Twenty years ago, all houses had to have a formal living room.  This was dictated by form.  Functionally people were not using a formal living room.  This did not make sense as people started to form the space in different ways.  They would enclose it to an office, billiards room, bar/lounge, play area, etc.

Basement Remodel

Game Room – Entertainment area added during this remodeling project. –Carolina Classic Builders

Newer designs transformed and leaned more towards the functionality of removing the space and re-purposing to a new form.  The battle is not just on design, but can work with materials.  Form would dictate a wood burning fireplace.   Many people do not want to spend the time dealing with real wood.  They would rather flip a switch on gas logs and receive a similar look.  They will forego the real look and smell for simplicity.   With technology and the amount of selections available now, there are thousands of choices to make throughout a construction project.

The challenge even comes in to furniture elements further down the line in the project.  Even in our house, we found chairs that were less comfortable (functionality), but worked so well for the space (form).  There really is no clear cut answer on which is the right answer, just what works best for you and what is most important.

Sleek Contemporary Style

Sleek Contemporary–Carolina Classic Builders

We always stress the importance of choosing a Contractor/Builder that fits your personally.  They need to be someone who listens and understands your vision.  Having a good builder and designer can help and be a sounding board for  “form vs function” questions and ideas as they arise during your project.

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