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What does Marriage and a Builder/Client Relationship Have in Common?

When people think of the most important relationship, they think of a marriage.  Marriage is very similar to a builder/client relationship.  You will love your contractor; you will hate your contractor (just like a marriage at times).  In the end, if you chose the contractor right for you and your project, it will all be worth it.  Trust is paramount in any relationship. When working on a project, it is stressful all around for everyone involved.  Keep in mind, you all have a common goal which is turning over the best possible project.

People choose a contractor for many different options, but trust really needs to be the most important.  It starts off with the initial meeting.  Whether you are having your dream kitchen created or a bathroom transformed into a luxury spa, do you trust the contractor understand your vision?  Do you feel like you can have a REAL relationship with this person? Can you disagree and come up with the best solution together?  Building a new custom home or remodeling existing living areas are going to have its challenges.  There’s not a project out there that has gone 100% as planned and without any issues.  The goal is getting through these issues together.

When things are going well, there will be questions and possible frustrations.  When you are living in the home through a renovation, moved out, or waiting for a new build, frustrations will arise.  This usually happens when you are absolutely ready for the project to be done and ready to enjoy the new living space.

In past experiences, this point usually occurs twice.  Once when framing is completed and once during the final stages of the project.  After framing is completed, visually not much is changing and the schedule seems to move a little slower.  It appears that the project has stalled. You get anxious. This is completely natural and understandable.  Communicate with your contractor.  You’ll be surprised at the work that is being accomplished and how the project is moving forward.

Frustration usually occurs again when there’s an appearance of completion.  Your project “appears” to be complete and you’re ready to enjoy.  Communicate with your contractor.  They’ll let you know about several small details they must complete before you can enjoy your remodeled living spaces.  Trust your builder, they know everything that must be completed before you can enjoy your addition or remodeling project.

Your builder needs to understand your lifestyle, needs, and wants.  When choosing a builder ask yourself, are they looking after your best interest or are they just doing a job?  Do they care?  Is this someone I can communicate with?

Remember with choosing a contractor, it’s more than choosing the lowest price.

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